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Institutional-style investing
for private individuals

At T.E. Investment Counsel, our clients benefit from a customized asset allocation strategy, multi-manager and multi-style investment portfolios, and competitive pricing without sales fees. These benefits are available through two distinct investment platforms:

Direct management
Contract directly with institutional and high net worth investment managers who are screened and selected to work on your behalf. Your T.E. investment counsellor will actively monitor your portfolio to ensure that you remain on track with your objectives.

Pooled management
Participate in cost-effective investment pools through the Prosperity™ Investment Program. You'll have access to a pool of elite, institutional investment managers with continual portfolio oversight by your T.E. investment counsellor.

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About Prosperity™

The Prosperity Investment Program is a proprietary offering that lets private investors benefit from investment management services that are typically reserved for pension plans and other institutional investors.

As of March 26, 2015

Name Class O Class B
Prosperity Fixed Income Fund 11.4279 11.3597
Prosperity Canadian Equity Fund 15.8899 11.8191
Prosperity U.S. Equity Fund 14.475 15.0981
Prosperity International Equity Fund 14.0815 12.6594